Vampire Eater

Sold Out

Sold out

Courtesy of V8

Edition of 5
Black c60 Cassette / Custom Clear Case
Cover Art printed on high resolution transparent film
A sheet (printed on 210g textured matte white paper) insert has the title, songs and credits

1. Blue Toast (feat. Ira Atari)
2. Smokin With Monkies
3. We Don’t Even Play Yellow
4. Ist Zu Sterben Besser? (feat. Ira Atari)
5. La Nena Del Infierno
6. End All Be All Contingent (feat. Vyle and Radioinactive)
7. I Don’t Love You Like This
8. Poof It’s Magic (feat. Skech 185)
9. 773-222-2064 (feat. Vyle)
10. Living Underneath Skin (feat. Vyle)
11. 67 Car Crashes
12. (Orel) Territory Finally Determined TFD

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