Slow Mask

Sold Out

Sold out

Courtesy of V8

Edition of 5
Yellow c40 Cassette
J-Card #1 (cover art) printed on high resolution transparent film
J-Card #2 (title, songs, credits) printed on 250g recycled 100% acid free matte paper

1. Chains of Tomatoes With Salt & Vinegar
2. Slabberstein We Be On Some Every Season
3. How To Sleep With The Daughter of Satan (Tooth Eye Remix)
4. Indiana Burns on V.S.O.P.
5. Neighbor Learning Horn
6. Enchulado Cuidado
7. Rainbow Bright VS. Strawberry Shortcake
8. Slow, Cold-Pressed Heroin
9. TKO Taco Jimmy
10. I Wanna Eat Your Chipmunk
11. Shatter Looken’ Like Vomit Chakra
12. Budrow Chumway Internet Time Machine