The Nautical Blue

Kay The Aquanaut & Maki



Courtesy of Kay The Aquanaut & Maki
Also available on Bandcamp

Ship Date: Feb. 3, 2020. This ship date will also include any non-preorder items you purchase along with this pre-order item, unless you make separate orders. 

Edition of 50
White c45 Cassette
J-Card printed (both sides) on 350g/m² matte paper
Download Card printed on 350g/m² matte paper

Digital Download included (high-quality download in MP3, FLAC & more)

1. Coral Cemetery
2. Sunken Freight
3. Styling In Low Tide
4. Unkle
5. Floating Like A Corpse In The Will Of The Waves
6. The New Flowers Have No Soul
7. I Wanna Jump In A Lake
8. I Owe It All To The Ocean
9. Saltwater Stone Soup
10. We Followed You Home From The Docks
11. Low Ebb Culture
12. The MoneyFish Went Extinct

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