Rubies & Rust

Sold Out

Sold out

Courtesy of Marjen

Edition of 5
Red c25 Cassette / Custom Clear Case
Cover Art printed on high resolution transparent film
A sheet (printed on 210g textured matte white paper) insert has the title, songs and credits

1. Work Forced (feat. Bakus)
2. Wet Sandwich (feat. V8)
3. Family Tree (feat. Morbidly-o-beats)
4. Rap Like A Drug (feat. Bakus)
5. Marital Aide (feat. V8)
6. Dog In Heat (feat. Morbidly-O-Beats)
7. Work Forced (Instrumental)
8. Wet Sandwich (Instrumental)
9. Family Tree (Instrumental)
10. Rap Like A Drug (Instrumental)
11. Marital Aide (Instrumental)
12. Dog In Heat (Instrumental)

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