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Sold Out

Sold Out

Courtesy of Sludge Factorie, SPLNSHNTS, V8, Bakus, Morbidly-O-Beats, Hoot, Alaska & Marjen

Edition of 5
Yellow c45 Cassette / Custom Clear Case
Cover Art printed on high resolution transparent film
A sheet (printed on 210g textured matte white paper) insert has the title, songs and credits

1. Sludge Factorie – Intestines Best Situations
2. SPLNSHNTS – Exacerbator
3. V8 (feat. Ira Atari) – Ist Zu Sterben Besser?
4. Bakus – Toxic
5. Sludge Factorie (feat. Noblonski) – Fullerton Ave
6. Morbidly-O-Beats – Dead Eye
7. Hoot – Poor Little
8. Alaska (feat. Zilla Rocca) – Return Of The Angst
9. Marjen (feat. LV Frett) – Arriving Late
10. Sludge Factorie – Mrs. Righthand
11. Bakus – Vice
12. Marjen (feat. V8) – Marital Aide
13. Hoot – Fly Me
14. Sludge Factorie – Flaming Hot Bags Of Shit On Your Front Porch
15. SPLNSHNTS – For Galway, Always

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