Esh - Darwin's Frankestein

Darwin's Frankenstein


Sold Out

Sold Out

Courtesy of Esh & AR Classic Records
Also available on Bandcamp

Edition of 50 Hand-Numbered Copies
Aqua Blue c40 Cassette
Cover Art printed on high resolution transparent film
J-Card printed on 250g recycled 100% acid free matte paper
Download Card printed on 250g recycled 100% acid free matte paper

Digital Download included (high-quality download in MP3, FLAC & more)

1. Release The Hounds feat. Radclyffe Hall
2. Important Boy feat. J Ring
3. A Good Night For A Daydream
4. Cavemen With Computers
5. Believe You
6. Earth Is Eden (To Men On Mars)
7. It Is What It Is (Isn’t It?)
8. Red Velvet
9. Encyclopedia Britannica feat. Mr. Lif, Moe Pope & Latrell James
10. I Got You feat. ORCHIDS

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