Curta - SicCurta - SicCurta - Sic
Curta - Sic
Curta - Sic
Curta - Sic
Curta - Sic



Sold Out

Sold Out

Courtesy of Curta
Also available on Bandcamp

Edition of 40
Transparent c30 Cassette
Handmade Box printed on 350g/m² cardboard
Album Info printed on 350g/m² cardboard
Download Card printed on 350g/m² cardboard

Digital Download included (high-quality download in MP3, FLAC & more)

1. Buy Me Shit
2. Do You Like My Band?
3. Baptyzmal Hymnal
4. Bogo
5. The Trend Is Nigh
6. Teats
7. Flashpoint (2008)
8. Single Tear Emoji Face

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