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Sold Out

Sold out

Courtesy of Curta

Edition of 40
Piano (black & white) c24 Cassette
Cover Art printed on high resolution transparent film
J-Card (title, songs, credits & download code) printed on 250g recycled 100% acid free matte paper

Digital Download included (full EP + 2 bonus tracks / high-quality download in MP3, FLAC & more)

1. Planned Obsolete
2. Nitelite
3. Terror Twilight
4. Sky High Feat. Kenny Dennis
5. Offal King Feat. Offal King Circa 2011
6. Capping Day

[Exclusive Digital Bonus Tracks] – Courtesy of MANMADEMADMAN

7. Sky High (Naturale) Feat. Kenny Dennis
8. Sky High (Obscura) Feat. Kenny Dennis