Beans "Venga"Beans "Venga"Beans "Venga"Beans "Venga"
Beans "Venga"
Beans "Venga"
Beans "Venga"
Beans "Venga"
Beans "Venga"



Sold Out

Sold Out

Courtesy of Beans (Anti Pop Consortium)
Also available on Bandcamp

Official Release Date: Sept. 18, 2020. This ship date will also include any non-preorder items you purchase along with this pre-order item, unless you make separate orders.

Edition of 100
Light Blue c80 Cassette (Only One Side Recorded) / Clear Cassette Case with White Back
J-Card printed (both sides) on 350g/m² matte paper
Download Card printed on 350g/m² matte paper

Digital Download included (high-quality download in MP3, FLAC & more)

1. A Dark
2. This Night Amok
3. Anti-Star System feat. Hemlock Ernst
4. Lyedecker
5. Hammerhead Corvette
6. BLK VXX feat. Angel Bat Dawid

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