7 Vessels + Yeah, Riot!!!

Kay The Aquanaut Cassette Bundle



Hell-T-035 (Edition of 50) + Hell-T-036 (Edition of 50)
Courtesy of Kay The Aquanaut, Factor Chandelier & Maki
Also available on Bandcamp

Aqua Blue c44 Cassette + White c35 Cassette
Cover Arts printed on high resolution transparent film
J-Cards printed on 250g recycled 100% acid free matte paper
Download Cards printed on 250g recycled 100% acid free matte pape

Digital Downloads included (high-quality download in MP3, FLAC & more)

“7 Vessels” Tracklist
1. Row Boat
2. Moonlight Mania
3. Invisible Ink
4. American Expre$$ feat. Paranoid Castle
5. The Bay (Stay Awayy)
6. Young Franchise
7. Must Say feat. Ceschi
8. The Evolution Of
9. Microchip
10. 100,000 Lakes
11. Old Sea
12. Throwing Quarters Into Water

“Yeah, Riot!!!” Tracklist
1. Coffee With The Gods
2. Seeking Refuge In A Black Tire Fire
3. See No Peace
4. Contemporary Woody Guthrie
5. Screaming Homeland Or Death
6. All Riot On The Western Front
7. Tombstones We Cannot Read
8. The Fox Eats The Wolf
9. The Long March To Prison
10. We Came We Saw We Killed
11. For Whom The Bridge Blows
12. Yeah, Riot!!!
13. Death Before Dishonour

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