Hi there!! Here’s the art I did for the “4th and final iteration of Onry Ozzborn’s critically acclaimed masterpiece DUO“. You can’t imagine how honored I am. “Unlike the other versions of DUO, all of these revamp versions are only found on duotvpe/revamped and will not be made available digitally, ever. This is an extremely limited run of cassettes at only 200 so they will sell out” – Fake Four Inc. Check the awesome tracklist below. I had the chance to listen to it in full, and all I can say is… pre-order it now!


NINETEEN f/ Aesop Rock (Prod by: Sapient)
STARDOM f/ Latrell James (Prod by: Pigeon John)
NOT REALLY f/ Rob Sonic (Prod by: Mr. Hill)
FLEE THE COLONY f/ Nathan Quiroga (Prod by: Themes)
TURMOIL f/ P.O.S (Prod by: Taco Neck)
NO TIME TO WASTE f/ Eligh (Prod by: Katie Kate)
IT ALL DEPENDS f/ Ninjaface (Prod by: SmokeM2D6)
WIRED f/ Asphate (Prod by: Pale Soul)
MY FIRST KILL f/ Sadistik (Prod by: Graves 33)
FIGURE IT OUT f/ Dem Atlas (Prod by: Theory Hazit)
AIRWAVES f/ K Death (Prod by: Jack Rylands)
OPEN THE TILL f/ Cloudy October (Prod by: Soundsmith)
BURN f/ Theory Hazit (Prod by: Woolsee)
WINE f/ Homeboy Sandman (Prod by: Rain)
VERY WELL f/ Terra Lopez (Prod by: Maulskull)
FIREFLY f/ Pigeon John (Prod by: Grieves)
SO SORRY I’M NOT f/ Ceschi Ramos (Prod by: Francisco False)
NEONERD f/ Kimya Dawson (Prod by: Zavala)